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Mission &Seven Principles

Mission Statement


Our church is a spiritual sanctuary, welcoming to all who seek inner peace, spiritual advancement and unity of the sisterhood and brotherhood that strives for the common good of humanity.

We are committed to:

• Increase the abundance of our church and community.

• Opportunity for development and spiritual advancement for all.

• Ways to grow and strengthen the church community.

• Explore and create opportunities to perform charitable projects within our community.



Seven Principles


The Seven Principles are spiritual keys.  When we meditate on them, consider their meaning and apply them to our everyday life, they open doors that lead to the fulfillment of our purpose here on earth.



  1. Infinite Spirit, Divine Creator of All That Is. 

  2. Unity and Equality of All.

  3. Communication, Guidance and Healing from Spirit and Angels. 

  4. Continuous Existence of the Soul and its Personality. 

  5. Personal Responsibility for the Creation of our Reality through Thought, Word and Action.   

  6. Actions Create Results according to Natural Law. 

  7. Eternal Progress open to Every Soul.


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