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Classes &Events


Monday Night - Circle of Development

with Rev. Addariah

7 Week Circle - In Person Only

Cummer Ave. United Church

53 Cummer Ave. - Oak Room                             

Monday April 1, 2024                                          

Monday April 8, 2024                                           Circle Fee Total 

Monday April 15, 2024                                         for all 7 weeks:  $ 140.00

Monday April 22, 2024                                         Class times: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Monday April 29, 2024 

Monday May 6, 2024 

Monday May 13, 2024 

Exploring Your Spiritual Pathway to Unfold Your Mediumship

Each week we meet to look at how to strengthen your relationship with the Spirit in personal growth and spiritual awareness

Learn how to move beyond the limitations of the mind in your psychic and mediumistic understanding

Each week we will have discussion, Sitting in the Power, and exercises.

Spiritual Mediumship is a gift most precious


6 Week Spiritual Healing Course

with Rev. Gillian Edwards

6 Week Course

Online for the first 3 weeks

Wednesday March 13                                           

Wednesday March 20                                          Course Fee:

Wednesday March 27                                          $120.00 for Members

In Person for the last 3 weeks                              $150.00 for Non-Members

Wednesday April 3

Wednesday April 10

Wednesday April 17

Class times: 7:30pm - 9:00pm                               

Join us for this beautiful course dedicated to teaching the basics of Spiritual Healing, where students will enjoy the profound experience of being a channel for  themselves and others. 

This is a Certificate course.

After the 6 week course, to become a certified healer, students will be expected to achieve 30 hours of healing, through hands on and distance healing. Students will be invited to participate at COUL's Friday Night Meditation and Healing as well as Sunday services to acquire and achieve their 30 hours.

Certificate presentation will take place at the Church in June or July of 2024.

Please note: All certified healers in any Spiritualist Church in Canada, must get a "Vulnerable Sector Check" done through Police Services. 

Details regarding this Check will be provided during the course.

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