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There are many ways to donate 


​Whether monthly or a one-time gift, to mark a special occasion or to remember a loved one, make a donation to the Church of Universal Love in their name.  It is a special tribute to them and helps the Church of Universal Love flourish and grow. 


Church of Universal Love will mention their name during the healing part of Sunday service. 


We can also send a card to the Honouree indicating you made a donation.

Instructions and steps to make a donation

1.Fill out the donation details and instruction form below.

Type of donation
Would you like us to send a card to your honouree?

Thank you for completing this form. To proceed with making your donation please click the donate button below. 

2. Please choose your gift amount by clicking the donate button below. If you wish to make your donation monthly, you can do so by a clicking the √  check mark box located under the gift amount within the PayPal page.  

Thank you for your donation. Your support makes all the difference. (A tax receipt will be issued for donations of $30 or more).

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