Dear Friends,

As I sit to write this message, I am full of gratitude and great anticipation.

The collective love we have experienced this past year has been awe-inspiring! From the beautiful and powerful healing energy during our Sunday Zoom services to all those who served our church on Sundays, spoke on Wednesdays and offered workshops and classes, to the generous donations, to the love in action as we packed up and moved during this crazy time of COVID, Bless you and thank you all!!


When I reflect upon the church, which at the end of December 2020 we moved out of, I know we are being led towards a new home. The COVID lockdown has demonstrated that our collectively energy can create church anywhere even zoom. While it does not feel the same, we are able to create a new way of communing. Zoom has been a way to bring people together eliminating travel distances, borders, time zones etc. I trust the new church will be just what our community needs; a home, both a physical space and the capacity to access zoom so we can continue to grow what we have created these past 10 months.

This year, we are excited to start by updating our website and get back to offering our monthly calendar back on the site.  We are bringing our Friday Night Meditations on to Zoom and as well, we will continue to offer workshops and events throughout the year.


January is our Membership renewal time.  Please take a look at the Membership tab where you can download a membership form and sign on to be a member of the Church of Universal community!


If you are new to our church and community, feel free to browse our site and contact us if you would like to join a mediation night or a Sunday Service or a course.


Our church is a beautiful collection of voices and hearts united in love, walking the journey of life together, in which we all benefit from.  Those healing moments during our zoom services are powerful, so many have enjoyed the energies as part of their healing journeys.  I look forward to seeing what we do together in this New Year!!

In Love and Deep Gratitude,
Reverend Gillian Edwards

*Message from Rev Gillian Edwards