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Dear Friends,

Happy Sunday

I hope and trust this note finds you and those you love well and happy and navigating the needs of these unique times.

Around the world people are facing the similar needs to self-isolate and practice social distancing, it is not easy; however, it is necessary to keep those we love safe and ourselves.  As we do this, it helps those on the front lines from the nurses and doctors to all the other essential services.

If ever there was a time to deepen your practice or begin one, of meditation and prayer it is now! We know that love, compassion and kindness take us farther than fear and anxiety.  Meditation, solo walks and deep breathing all work together to reduce stress and improve our wellbeing.  We have posted and sent out the church healing meditation, if you would like to experience it please click on this link.

I know that in the coming weeks it will be more important than ever to stay connected and united.  Just like the “just because” call I got from Don and the several virtual hugs I received from Reverend Barbara (bless you they were great) we all need to connect in whatever way works for you. I know this time is especially hard on the huggers and touchers, we know social contact is vital to wellbeing. I cannot express enough that reaching out when you are in need of company or help is just as important as reaching out in love and friendship. Please know the Church of Universal Love is there for you.

As a church we are working on several ways to stay in touch and to facilitate our Friday meditation and Sunday services, please stay tuned we will have information for you soon.

I have had questions about donations and the “donate” button is active on our website, it is connected to Pay Pal. If you prefer you can send a cheque made out to the 'Church of Universal Love" to our Church address,

Finally, you are all in my thoughts and I pray for you and those you love. This worldwide course correction is the giant pause for all to recognize what is right for us and the divine has made us literally stop in our tracks and look around and participate in a universal country to country, person to person healing process. I believe many of us have been on that path but the call is stronger than ever and we will prevail and grow from this. Let us all do our part, dig deeper, love more, and lead with love and compassion every day.

May God Bless you, may you feel and know his love and protection.
Much Love and blessings
Rev Gillian Edwards

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